Why do I need to provide my documents and complete questionnaires?

There are two main reasons.

  • 1) You need to disclose to your accountant all the different types of income or transactions that may impact your tax position. The questions in the questionnaire your accountant asks help you provide the correct information so your accountant can provide and apply the correct tax treatment.

  • 2) You need to request us to start the work. Signing off this questionnaire at the end of the process is your declaration to us that you have provided all relevant information and would like us to commence work on your affairs.

Can I still post hard copies of my information/documentation in to you?

Yes you can, you can either fill in your questionnaires online or print and fill them out and post with your documents through to us in 5 business days. By uploading your files and your questionnaires IQonline puts your information in a format we understand and can use. If you want to provide your information in hard copy we would suggest you use these folder tabs as a guide to layout the information to provide. Using these tabs may not be relevant to use in all cases but deviation from this format can mean it takes longer to look through your information and find what we need. This can in turn increase the costs.

How long will it take you to complete my accounts/tax returns?

We work on a first in first out basis. So when you complete the questionnaire and provide your information you join a queue. During the busy period of May – November timeframes can easily stretch to 8-12 weeks. Outside of this time it is generally 4-8 weeks. One of the biggest delays to joining the queue is incomplete or missing questionnaires so it’s important that any information that is given to your accountant is accurate as possible.

I don’t understand some of the questions, what do I do?

Firstly hover over the information icon to give you a greater description of the question. If you still do not know what to do then for that question select the ? column and we will make contact with you to clarify your situation with that question.

Can I fill in the questionnaires first then send in my information later

No its best to complete the questionnaires and send us the information at the same time.

Is my information secure when I send it through IQonline

Yes, the site is https:// which means when the information is sent electronically through to us it is encrypted.